…in addition the „angel“ of Ursula Langmayr did very well; with a very accurate attack she sent her clear and shining soprano into the cathedral.

- Die Presse
“God closes the eyes, the night of anger has passed. The day shall break, he says, day after day” Ursula Langmayr reports with a crystal clear soprano.

- Wiener Zeitung
Ursula Langmayr shines as an equally powerful-voiced soprano with very stable intonation.

- Der Standard
…powerful and pure: Ursula Langmayr

- Kleine Zeitung
The same balance characterized Ms. Langmayr’s singing. She was remarkably clear, direct and communicative, sharing the songs with obvious excitement and coloring them with nuance and precision. She can pull her voice back to a frightening intimacy.Nothing was mannered or pretentious; the texts came through with utter naturalness.

- NY Times